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Hvar Divers is a recognized PADI 5 star IDC Dive Resort located on the sea front in Vrboska on the island of Hvar

We are happy to announce that we are open from 01 July to 30 October

Update 15 August as you might know there have been so far no reported cases of Covid-19 on the island of Hvar

Please visit this link to government of the republic of Croatia regarding the Corona statistics

You are most welcome to dive and to have fun with us!

  • The ferries and catamaran are operating !
  • Hotel Labranda Senses resort is open until the end of October and booking.com has wondedrfull offers for you
  • Our 5-star dive resort is open until the end of October and I'm conducting a PADIi IDC and EFRI pro courses too
  • All our divers are insured for free during diving through our dive center with Generali
  • We offer day diving, dive packages, night diving, PADI courses, discovery dives and a great time with us!

Luckily, our diving Centrex is in the town of Vrboska, in the middle of the island, which is off the ‘beaten track’ for the average ’party-goer’.

Being such, I expect Vrboska to be one of the safer places to be during this unfortunate episode.
Hygiene and safety at the diving Centrex considered a point of utmost importance before the virus, you can rest assured all equipment and surfaces are and will be clean and ready for use. Many more practices, old and new, will be employed to ensure you receive not only the best experience possible, but the safest experience possible.

Being so widely known as the diving Centrex for families and more to trust for fun, experience, and most of all safety, is not only a privilege, but a responsibility. We intend to continue to prove deserving of the faith our divers put in us, and to supersede it.

With regards your health and safety during diving and PADI courses

  • Our equipment is disinfected before and after diving by yourself. As such, you can be sure the equipment is cleaned regularly and to a high standard of safety. As always, we will supply the disinfectant and wash facilities.
  • During your dive holiday, you - and only you - will use the same set of equipment throughout. While you are not using the equipment, it will be stored in a numbered box, again only used by you.
  • As ever, any and all possible precautions will be taken to maximize diver safety.
  • The number of students per class will be restricted. Since dive theory is completed online and in advance, classroom sessions are not necessary.
  • Dive briefings will be conducted on the dive Centrex grounds, outdoors, as always, in fresh air by the sea. Not only does it allow for greater for social distancing, it’s more fun.
  • All our staff aare checked by us on a daily base with a non-contact infrared thermometer to check if there is no temperature rise.

With regards your health and safety and that of the local Croatian inhabitants during your stay:

  • Hotels will have lower capacities, which could mean up to 50% less tourists accepted by hotels.
  • As your reservation is secured with a deposit your holiday is confirmed - all new inquiries cannot be all accepted as full is full.
  • The hotels are taking a higher approach with regards hygiene and safety in all areas, inside and out
  • The staff will adhere to higher standard of hygiene, including food and beverage preparation, and in contact
  • Drinks will be served in disposable cups.
  • Tables will be positioned further from one another - facilitated by the reduction of hotel capacity by up to 50%.
  • The hotel offers an all-inclusive service. As such, payments will not require on a repetitive or daily basis - with the exception of those services such as excursions, bike rental, etc.

Your holiday to Vrboska and the trip from your home country to Croatia

  • Vrboska and the beach front is a very wide bay. It is never as busy or as crowded as towns such as Dubrovnik or Split. Vrboska, once a sleepy fishing village, is a picturesque 15th century tranquil and free place to be.
  • The beach is big enough for all to find space.
  • The cafes, bars, and restaurants are plentiful, spacious, and rarely too busy even in the height of summer season.
  • When walking to town and / or the supermarket, the roads allow for ample social distance,
  • The apartment owners, you will book via booking.com or via Airbnb are taking safety precautions with regards hygiene, and of course you can bring your own anti-bacterial fluid, soap, and / or spray if you prefer.
  • The journey to Croatia is easy to do by car.
  • All borders will promote and enforce safety.
  • Fuel stations will have rules and advice that promote safety. However, we suggest you use gloves when touching surfaces, and using disinfectant and / or thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water before stepping back into the car to continue your trip.

General information

We know that your holiday is not just about diving but also the social environment, local events, a culture of a country, island and city are defining your choice where you wish to spend your holiday.

Vrboska is special because the village has been settled since the ancient time, founded in the 15th century, and it developed into a fisherman's village and later into a wonderful little town. It owes its charm to the typical Mediterranean popular architecture, the proud old town houses with characteristics of Gothic, renaissance and baroque style, the sacral spirit of the ancient church buildings.

You will have a great time with lovely people around and you'll enjoy the mediterranean food. After diving, you and your kids, if you are coming with your family, will experience and appreciate the relaxed unspoiled nature and the outdoor lifestyle in Vrboska and surroundings!

Come, dive and have fun with us!

Croatia Divers is open from the 1st of July until 30 September, visit us in gorgeous Vela Luka - Korcula island.

Our staff includes an EFR Instructor trainer, PADI Course Director, Staff Instructor and Master Scuba Diver Trainer Instructors in our fun dive team!

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Qualified divers

For qualified divers, we have scuba diving by boat which offer something to divers with all levels of experience. You will find our day & package prices on the same page.

With great Dive sites, including wall dives, drift dives, night dives and deep dives, variety is something we can certainly offer.

Visit our special offers pages and our photo gallery with full color imagesCroatia Divers: Red gorgonian


We are offering most popular specialties for the season 2020

We have valuable offers and with hotel and diving included


Croatia Divers: Garden

PADI Courses from beginner to PADI Professional

We offer PADI courses from PADI Open Water Diver for beginners, all the way through to PADI Instructor, Dive master courses & EFR Instructor for those looking to make a career in diving. Our instructors can teach courses in a variety of European languages, including Dutch, German, English, Croatian and French

Click here to view our PADI Open Water Diver courses

Click here to view our PADI Advanced courses and specialties

Click here to visit our PADI Professional courses and our IDC program

Croatia Diving: PADI Junior programs

PADI junior divers from 8 to 15 years

We have more than 20 years of experience in youth diving programs and safety is rule number one! As such our team is trained to teach children in a fun and safe environment.

Programs are possible when the parents are diving and depending on your dive packages and your kid's course schedule you could be planned on the same dive boat !

Click here for PADI children diving programs

For absolute Beginners

Our Try Dive program is a one day introduction to scuba diving where an Instructor

takes you under the clear blue sea so you can experience the wonder of breathing underwater for the first time and the amazing feeling of swimming with fish!



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